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Acton Cemetery By-Laws

Acton Cemetery is a historical cemetery, therefore gravesites should conform to the historical custom of this cemetery.  The following regulations are not intended as a restraint but rather a measure to create and preserve the beauty of your cemetery.  We respectively request your cooperation within these specified regulations. 
There are no mausoleums allowed in the cemetery.  Monuments shall not be over five feet in height.  All headstones are to be placed at the head of the grave and facing the east.  Many families like to purchase several lots for family areas.  These lots may be curbed by our approved contractors and only by the approved specifications.  The board needs to be notified prior to any construction for approval and design.  All work must be done within a 45-day time frame.
Owners of lots may plant small ornamental trees and/or shrubs in the center of their lots and are responsible for the maintenance of all plants.  If these are not maintained, the plants will be removed by the maintenance team. 
Arches or arbors of any size are not allowed.  Also no more than two small ornaments may be placed on a gravesite.   The definition of small will be determined by the Board of Directors.  We ask that either fresh or silk flowers be placed on the gravesites, not plastic. All flowers must be removed when withered or faded.  Christmas flowers or blankets are allowed during the Christmas holidays but must be removed with two months after Christmas.  We are not responsible for the theft of items left on gravesites.  Leaving items laying on graves or sitting around headstones makes it impractical and dangerous for our maintenance group, therefore we respectively ask that mementos like this not be left.  Items including but not limited to, souvenirs, toys, trinkets, glass vases, shepherd hooks, solar lights, bird feeders or excessive use of wind chimes. The use of wire, rocks, cement, or any material which will damage mowing equipment or injure visitors or maintenance workers is prohibited.
Driving in the cemetery is restricted to established roadways.  Parking or driving on gravesites in strictly prohibited. 
Any disputes will be brought to the Board of Directors.  If the dispute cannot be satisfactorily resolved, then the dispute will be brought to a panel for arbitration.  The agreement reached with this panel will be followed.  This panel will consist of two members of the Directors of the cemetery and two representatives from the family bringing the dispute.
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